Sherpa Eye

A knowing eye that sees what's missing


While sunlight is a great start for growing plants, it’s not optimized for individual plants or growth stages. Depending on the type of plant and its growth stage, there may be certain light wavelengths in the sunlight that may need to be supplemented. Sherpa Eye can help you get better results than sunlight.

You can also have Sherpa Eye read your existing light sources to analyze its wavelengths and intensities.

With this information, you can manually adjust your lights to better meet the plants’ needs, or set up a feedback loop with your light devices so that this adjustment process is automated.

Wavelength Distributions.PNG

Pair Sherpa Eye with Sherpa Light’s unsurpassed versatility, and you have the most robust solution to your agricultural and horticultural lighting problem. This is the most comprehensive solution because Sherpa Light can complement all deficient light wavelengths that your precious plants might need.