Sherpa Light

Let there be light. The right light.


Grow whatever your heart desires, wherever you are.

A lot goes into growing a plant: water, nutrition, humidity, temperature, and light. And among these factors, light is the most region-constraining—you can’t get Malaysia’s rich sunlight up in Norway.

Sherpa Light frees you geographically. With Sherpa Light, you can take any regional specialty product and produce it anywhere else in the world. This is because Sherpa Light has the versatility to provide virtually any light that any plant needs.

Taste your succulent Indian mangoes home-grown in Canada. Get your sweet Korean strawberries locally produced in Indonesia. Take full control.


Grow it better than anyone you know.

Much like how a baby first needs breastfeeding and later switches to solid foods, plants also need different lights and nutrition at different growth stages for maximum growth.

At Sherpa Space, we have determined optimal lighting conditions for different plant types and their growth stages. We call it the Light Recipe.

Sherpa Light can take the Light Recipe and provide the light that the plants need at every step.